radish empire
exploring the roots of wave and sk8


(posted on 16 Oct 2018)

Lets see...its been a little over four years or so since i have 'blogged' on this site. Many waves have been ridden, good, bad, and the other kind.  A few boards and bags have also been produced with help from some amazing friends and my beautiful wife Terry (a.k.a. Keleka).  This little dream is still chugging down the tracks and the next couple months will no doubt be 'interesting'.  A move from my carport into a real space with a few like-minded (noisy, dusty) woodworkers will be a whole new start in a way.  A start that looks a little daunting and yet amazingly exciting at the same time.  My boards are now 'shaped' on a cnc machine and i am hoping to learn more about them. Perhaps eventually to program and operate the shop machine. For now i hope to observe the Masters and not get in the way.  It will be nice to be working indoors over the winter. Some aspects of building the uncarved blocks and finishing the shaped boards just don't work in cold and damp conditions. i am stocking up on wood and supplies for this upcoming winter. Hopefully not too many seasons will pass before my next update. Stay tuned!  peas, radish.