radish empire
exploring the roots of wave and sk8


These boards are almost as rad as the maker. Just got me my very own Radish longboard yesterday and I almost need new wheels. I don't like vegetables but I love me some Radish!!!!!
Pinball Alley Vintage - 29 Jun 2015
Cool stuff baby bro!
Diane Watson-Knoll - 21 Jan 2014
I love the creativity and passion expressed. Riding my own Radish board is a blast - especially with how it accelerates. I treasure it as a beautiful,functional art piece.
Terry - 18 Jun 2013
Nice site. Good to see ya... hope to sk8 new west with ya soon..
Stumanchu - 18 Jan 2013
Radish Empire RULES!! Great to see your fabulous work "out there". I want one!!!!!!! See you Saturday.
Gary Haggquist - 16 Sep 2011
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